Volunteer Support

In order to run the Oakton Otter Swim Team, parents of the swimmers are expected to volunteer. We need many parent volunteers.

The Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL) is the largest volunteer-run swim league in the country. Many volunteers work tirelessly all year long to keep the organization strong. Many volunteers at OSRC work behind the scenes in the spring and early summer to plan for the summer meets It takes many volunteers each week to conduct scheduled swim meets which include:
- Time Trials
- 5 - A Meets
- 5 - B Meets
- VAC Relays
- Lollipop Meet
- Divisional Relay Carnival
- Championship Meets
- All-Star Relay
- Individual All-Star Meet

Volunteer Commitments

Every swim team family is expected to volunteer to work the meets, either home or away, as a timer/table worker/marshall or official, and to assist with the snack bar/Friday night dinners/Tuesday Treats or other social events. We must volunteer our support and make a commitment to the team to enable our swimmers to accomplish their goals as well as to have fun in the process. Each family must volunteer for at least four (4) jobs per season, dividing those commitments between meet administration deck jobs and social activities. If a family is unable to sign up for volunteer jobs when registering, jobs will be assigned.

Volunteer Coordinators

Marcia Paulson
Kara Hayden
Please contact the Volunteer Coordinators if you have any questions about your volunteer obligations.