Dive Team Meet Schedule - 2014

Regular Season Meets

All regular dual meets are on Tuesday evenings from 6pm - 8pm (approx.)

B Meets are on Thursday evenings at 6 pm. The Cracker Jack Meet is on a Sunday.

Date      Meet Type                          Dive Teams                             Home/Away

June 24   regular dual meet          Oakton vs. Highlands Swim              home

July   1    regular dual meet           Higland Park vs. Oakton                Highland Park

July  8    regular dual meet           Ravensworth vs. Oakton                 Ravensworth        

July 10    B Meet*                           Oakton vs. Highlands Swim                home

July 15    regular dual meet           Oakton vs. Hamlet                               home

July 20    CrackerJack Meet*          all pools - see below                       Springfield

July 22    regular dual meet          Wakefield Chapel vs. Oakton              away


* B Meets and the Cracker Jack Meet are developmental and are designed for new divers or for divers who have not yet placed in a regular (or A) meet during the season at the time the developmental  is meet being held. There is a maximum score cut off for the Cracker Jack Meet (ie. if a diver achieves a score higher than the cut off in a regular meet during the season they are ineligible for the Cracker Jack Meet).

Championship Meets - For Select Divers

Date             Meet                  Participating Teams                             Location

July 27        Divisionals              all division 4 teams                             Highland Park

August 3      All-Star Meet         all NVSL dive teams                              Lee Graham

Addresses For Away Meets

Highlands Swim and Tennis

1515 Bryan Branch Road, McLean, VA 22101




Highland Park Swim and Tennis Club
6406 Telegraph Rd, Alexandria, VA 22310




Wakefield Chapel Recreation Association

4627 Holborn Avenue,  Annandale, VA 22003




Cardinal Hill Swim and Racquet

9117 Westerholme Way,  Vienna, VA 22182




Ravensworth Farm Swim & Racquet Club
5210 Inverchapel Rd., Springfield, VA




Hamlet Swim and Racquet

8209 Dunsinane Ct, McLean, VA 22102

(703) 893-7255



Springfield Swim and Racquet

7400 Highland Street, Highland St, VA 22150
Springfield, VA  22150


Lee Graham Swimming Pool

7319 Lee Hwy, Falls Church, VA 22042

Donaldson Run Recreation Association

2729 Marcey Rd,  Arlington, VA 22207