Annual dues pay for the operation of the Club. Currently, the annual dues are $615; the summer rental fee is $1,000.  August Only/Pool Only Rentals are available for $200 for those families on our waiting list. 

Membership Costs

At the October 25, 2012 Annual Meeting, the board voted to raise the Membership Bond to $3,500, which is an investment in the Club. A membership may be sold with one's house or the membership can be sold back to the Club for the current value of a membership.

Membership Wait List

The wait list for the club is now open. There is a non-refundable fee of $250 to be placed on the wait list. Please send $250 along with a note listing name, address, and contact information (phone and email) to Oakton Swim and Racquet Club, P. O. Box 571, Oakton, VA 22124. The approximate length of time to wait on the list is six to seven years. The form may be found here.

Rental Membership

The Club offers a number of full year rental memberships in order of placement on the wait list. These offers are sent in the beginning of February. 

August Only Rental Membership

August Only/Pool Only memberships for the month of August are also made available to a limited number of families on the waiting list. The current August fee is $200.